WP & Google Shortcodes

Get Blog Info

[bloginfo key="template_url"]

gives you the template url like:

(You can see the keys you can use to retrieve blog information via this shortcode here.)

List Posts

[list num="3" cat="4"]

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    Displaying Related Posts

    [relatedPosts limit=3]

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    Add Administration Notes

    [note]This is a personal note that only admins can see ![/note]

    (Of course this shortcode’s output is not visible unless you’re an admin.)

    Show The Last Image Attached


    (Since we haven’t attached any images to this page, this code returns nothing.)

    Google Pie Chart

    [chart data="20,35,30,15" labels="Option+1|Option+2|Option+3|Option+4" colors="bed800,007caf,e28011,8735bb" size="380x200" title="Pie Title" type="pie"]

    Pie Title

    Google Bar Chart

    [chart data="48,52,74,45,17,29,68,54,22,82,33,71,38,57" labels="A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M|N" colors="dcf71a" title="Bar Title" type="bar"]

    Bar Title

    ( You can check Google Charts API here.)

    Google Sparkline Chart

    [chart data="27,25,60,25,39,28,80,28,27,29,26,35,70,25" colors="dcf71a" title="Sparkline Title" type="sparkline"]

    Sparkline Title

    Google Meter Chart

    [chart data="20,80" labels="Option+A|Option+B" colors="00ee00,eeee00,ee0000" title="Meter Title" type="meter"]

    Meter Title

    Google Scatter Chart

    [chart data="12,87,75,41,23,96,68,71,34,9|
    84,23,69,81,47,94,60,93,64,54" colors="4d79b5" title="Scatter Title" type="scatter"]

    Scatter Title

    Google Venn Chart

    [chart data="100,80,60,30,30,39,10" colors="dcf71a,007caf,ef8814" title="Venn Title" type="venn"]

    Venn Title

    Google Radar Chart

    [chart data="10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100" colors="ef8814" labels="|A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I" title="Radar Title" type="radar"]

    Radar Title

    Google Map

    [map width="409" height="300" src="link of your map"]

    (To retrieve the url of the map that shows your address, follow these instructions: 1- Go to: maps.google.com. 2- Find your address by entering your adress into the search bar and zoom as much as you want. 3- After finding the map that shows your address, you will see three links at top right of the map : Print, Send, Link. Click the ‘Link’. A dropdown menu will open. 4- Just copy the selected link under the title ‘Paste link in email or IM’ and paste it as “src” value of the Google Map shortcode.)